Investment In Travel & Tourism Real Estate Opportunities

Emerging Beachfront Land Investment Funds invest in coastal land for development in Asia/Pacific, often with local partners.

We believe that coastal/beachfront land in Asia-Pacific is an undervalued and under-researched long-term ‘real’ asset class with the prospect for significant capital appreciation and is a long-term hedge against inflation. Read More

Japan Ski Club Investment Funds has so far invested in an asset repositioning hotel project and well-located land in Niseko, Asia’s leading branded ski resort destination.

In the same way that the rising affluence has driven the demand for beach holidays, it has also fueled the desire for snow and summer mountain experiences. Niseko has witnessed healthy development over the past ten years as a ski destination and we are strong believers this growth trend will continue as improved infrastructure and access are planned by the Government for the area. Read More

Our latest initiative, Emerging Beachfront Club Investment Fund has focused on two specific locations: Phuket and Bali to capture the trend of evolving “coastal cities”.

Trailing the growth pattern of Miami, these locations have seen rapid development as compared to the past decade, fueled by the influx of digital nomads and globalization. The Covid-19 pandemic further highlights the attractiveness of these “coastal cities” as a safe haven, both of which have performed superbly well in containment as compared to other beach destinations. We have also developed partnerships with leading F&B operator to create a new lifestyle destination in Bali. Implementing a wide scale of Sustainability Initiatives, LimeTree Capital aims to bring world-class quality of hospitality and leisure to a new breed of travelers, all while preserving nature and tradition in our investment locations. Click here to learn more about Belong Bali.


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