At LimeTree Capital, we integrate ESG principles into all stages of our investment process. It adds to the core of what we do. We are committed to finding and building sustainable lasting value across our investments.

We aim to always act responsibly and abide by our ESG policy in our approach to investment and our business.


With a dedication to responsible investing, we aim to implement ESG initiatives in all our projects. This includes limiting energy waste, water use and considering biodiversity, to name a few. In saying this, we believe increased profitability and long-term growth are direct bi products of sustainable investing. Cost reductions from reduced energy consumption is one method of this. We do this by integrating ESG due diligence into our investment strategy.

LimeTree (through WE Park) took the initiative to follow guidelines from the Green Parking Council (“GPC”, which is an affiliate of the International Parking Institute and has been recognized by US Green Building Council, which is well-known for its concept of “LEED”, the most widely used third-party verification for green building), to devote considerable time, resources and efforts to make our car parks the first to be certified by GPC in China. WE Park/Huibo has installed electric charging vehicle bays in our car parks to encourage and support the usage of EVs. LED Lighting system is also used for energy efficiency. To date we have installed almost 500 electric charging bays across our car parks.

LimeTree is also spearheading green developments, being the masterplanner of a 32ha Green Community development in Bali, Indonesia. We take our environmental considerations down to the minute details. For example, locally employed workers at our Belong Green Village in Bali built the entire road from recycled materials. All landscaping is installed using native species and existing trees are relocated where possible. All of the licenses obtained undergo an environmental impact assessment (AMDAL).


At LimeTree Capital, we believe human capital development is crucial to long term success. From an investor’s perspective, strong social considerations help build portfolio resilience.

Internally, we aim to promote a healthy work environment. Our annual employee training, including AML and anti-bribery are examples of this. We offer equal employment opportunities based on merit and skills, to all regardless of race, gender or any other status protected by law. Our employee handbook ensures that all our investments from conception to completion are free from any form of unacceptable social considerations.

The LimeTree Foundation sponsors the local communities in which we invest in. This has a proven track record of making a difference for the people we support. The charitable foundation also includes individual grants for specific projects, such as reef conservation in Cambodia.


We believe accountability and ethical behaviour form two pillars underpinning our governance, whether it be the way we manage our investments or our investors and LimeTree itself.

Our board receives annual ESG training to ensure we remain up to date with and accountable for ethical standards. A healthy and equitable work environment starts with ethical governance, as this feeds responsible actions throughout the company.


Business Principles

Our clients are our first priority.
We respect our fiduciary responsibilities and each member of the team is responsible for maintaining the integrity of our investment process, risk management and our reputation.
Team work and a clear focus are powerful forces for our clients.